Support for Teachers

As a teacher, you might be wondering how green and digital skills fit into your curriculum. This website is a helpful resource for everything related to green and digital skills education in London. We’re here to provide resources, connect you with experts, and showcase real-world examples to help you confidently integrate green and digital skills into your teaching.

Green skills encompass a wide range of topics, from a simple discussion on how to “greenify” your curriculum to the cutting-edge emerging technologies that will help the nation meet its net zero commitments. It’s about embedding environmental awareness across all subject matters and departments. Green awareness can even involve simple changes in your classroom practices, like using electronic resources instead of printed materials.

There’s no hiding from digital skills. Even if you’re not teaching a digital course, there will inevitably be an element of digital to your role. With the pace of digital advancements, it’s understandable if you feel that you’ve slightly fallen behind with your own digital know-how, or even that your students’ competencies surpass your own!  

To enable you to be in the best position to support your students, we’re providing digital training for staff at our FE partner colleges. In addition to the skills needed to support students, this includes training in teaching tools that can reduce your admin workload and elevate your teaching, such as the AI platform TeacherMatic and the tech support from Tablet Academy.  

We’re also creating new pathways in digital teaching, supporting the transition from digital technician, to teaching assistant, through to teacher, trainer and then digital lead. 

Ultimately, the Local London partnership is all about collaboration. We’re here to help you:

Connect with employers: Discover potential work experience opportunities for your students.

Learn from colleagues: See how other teachers are integrating green and digital skills into their curriculum.

Boost collaboration opportunities: Partner with other schools and organisations on green and digital initiatives.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your primary school curriculum or develop a university-level programme, we have the information and connections to help. Green and digital should no longer be niche corners of our curricula – they should underpin our entire curriculum.

Together, we can empower future generations to build a greener and more digitally-enabled future!


The two posters below from Youth Employment UK provide a brilliant overview of the opportunities in, and routes into, the green and digital sectors that you could share within your institution. 

The two videos below also provide further insights into the world of green jobs and might inspire your students into exploring further. 

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